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Cloudscene rethinks network procurement for smarter, easier sourcing from start to finish. 

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Gigafy’s expansion into the UK was fuelled by the leading connectivity service providers we sourced on Cloudscene. Spinning up quote requests was quick and easy. The platform has empowered us with the comprehensive data and streamlined process we’ve needed to successfully move into this new market.


General Manager - Gigafy 

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Transform your network procurement with Cloudscene in one simple move. Streamline your procurement activities into one centralized platform so vendor communication is efficient, managing quotes is easy, decisions are data-driven, teams are empowered with info, and business productivity goes up.

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We know that time and budget are two things that can’t be wasted. Cut down on both by streamlining your sourcing tools and activities. Simplify your stack with one powerful platform that’s purpose-built for managing network procurement, saving you time on traditionally manual processes, and keeping your spend in check with a low cost of acquisition.

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Connect with service providers that are well-matched with your requirements and ready to help power your network projects. Strategically source services across an open market, find the optimum vendors to fulfil your requirements, get them to put their best bid forward in quoting your Marketplace listings, and strive for the fastest route and the most competitive pricing.

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Gateway to new markets

Unsure of who to talk to in new markets? We’ve got the matchmaking skills to help you scale. Find the right services and create connections in unfamiliar regions. Backed by highly comprehensive industry data, the Cloudscene platform enables you to search and match with global vendors - wherever and whenever you like. 

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Never lose track of your supply chain or communication with service providers. Find an easier way to manage your procurement with a centralized and digitized platform that gives you greater visibility and control over your sourcing projects, ROI, and team activities – from start to finish.

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Search and request services from our Marketplace of thousands of global leading providers to fulfil your network requirements. Backed by our leading market intelligence source, Marketplace enables you to receive, manage, and respond to quotes easily – and get projects completed quicker.

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Find your pathway to the cloud instantly. Search the on-net and near-net connectivity options from your location, indicate which cloud providers are accessible within that market, and request quotes from companies that can connect you. Accessible anywhere, anytime.

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We know that the best business decisions are founded on accurate data. Filling the industry’s information gap, our platform offers premium industry data and comprehensive market intelligence for sourcing the optimum services to power your organization.

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We’re big believers in the old saying, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Cloudscene’s Marketplace is designed so that teams can collaborate easier. Work together with key players in your workforce to build your optimum company profile, create listings for sourcing quotes, research and compare services, and manage communications with service providers.

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